The Strong Arm

Centering and opening clay has never been easier!

Designed by Marc Gaiger of Marc's Studio, this tool will aid in the process of both centering and opening clay. The Strong Arm Centering Tool works easily with 1 to 18 pounds of clay!

Innovation and reliabilty from a true American Craftsman!

A professional metal artist and tool innovator, Marc T. Gaiger, built the Strong Arm Centering Tool just for you! This two armed tool comes complete with height and opening adjustments as well as an Easy Clamp System allowing quick and easy installation on today's most popular pottery wheels.

"Being involved with Potter's and the Turk Hill Craft School for over 14 year's I understand the availability of truly reliable and well built equipment is very important and sometimes incredibly difficult to find" says Marc. The Strong Arm is reliable, will last a lifetime, and best of all, it will pay for itself in just one day of production pottery use.

  • The Strong Arm Centering and Opening Tool
  • $295.00
  • Center and open with our standard model. Custom configurations available for must wheels!
  • Handcrafted, Solid Construction It will last!
  • Throw bigger pots, throw more clay
  • Eliminated wear & tear on your body
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Order Today!

Strong Arm Demo Videos

Strong Arm Introduction Video

Strong Arm Tech Talk with Marc

With our new "EZ Clamp system" no drilling and no bolts required for installation!
Check our installation video below for details.

Strong Arm Installation Video

The installation process is even simpler, you no longer need an allen wrench!